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Wedding music is obviously very tricky to get perfect. It’s your big day, after all, and you clearly need everything to be just perfect. Award winning wedding band hire will cover anything from that very first song you dancing to as a couple, the music in the wedding rehearsals, rehearsal dinner, the real ceremony, in addition to the music in the reception. Taking good care of wedding music is only one of many steps which are absolutely imperative to your big day – do not write it off as trivial or a little thing, as it could set the mood and atmosphere for the whole event. 

You’ll have to consider all the different pieces of your wedding, break them down into bigger chunks and finally pick the suitable music. One significant part that does require some sort of entertainment or background sound is while everybody is waiting for other visitors to arrive, and waiting for the other guests to be chairs.

There’ll be a lengthy period of time where people will be waiting – you will need some music in the background to split up any silence in between dialogue. You’ll also need some sort of music after everyone was seated and is prepared for the ceremony to start, to announce the actual ceremony is really starting. The best wedding music for this is something different enough from the previous parts of music, but again, not too quickly or jarring – it may divert guests. 

Finally, you need to select the bride’s entry wedding music. You will likely need to go with the standard music – it almost instantly signals the beginning of the wedding, it is one piece of wedding music that’s truly universal. For when the true official ceremony is finished, and you’ve said your vows, it is time for a few recessional wedding music. This bit of wedding music should certainly have a ‘happy ending’ texture, to lighten the mood and get your guests in the perfect frame of mind to observe. One of the best bands in Birmingham are found online at

You may want to try going on your wedding music play list, to be certain it all flows perfectly and works together with the various areas of the ceremony. Consider imagining the different areas of the ceremony on mind as you listen, considering all the time, including any excess time you might need in case certain components or individuals are operating or lagging behind. Make sure nothing is abrupt, and everything transitions smoothly. In case you’ve got a ceremony rehearsal, you’re definitely going to need to play your music and find out how it plays out too – particularly if you happen to use a live band, even for only a portion of the ceremony, or only during the reception.

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